Here is a selection of patient testimonials.

Martin Clarke

After having my total knee replacement, I have just returned from a weeks ski trip in Austria and, for the first time in years, skied without any pain or swelling in my knees, no pain killers or ice required. I felt 20 years younger and regained my ski-iing Mojo! Great work by Peter and his team, thanks to all of you.

November 2015

David Hart

Head of Medical Department, Coventry City Football Club

Clinical Director, Hart Physio

Pete has been a trusted colleague of mine for many years. In an ever evolving Sports Medicine industry, Pete remains at the forefront with an evidence based approach to underpin his surgical skills and expert opinion.

Pete has an excellent appreciation of injury prevention and rehabilitation methods which allows a seamless working relationship between surgeon,physiotherapist and athlete resulting in the best possible outcome. Being a triathlete himself, Pete understands how pain and injury affect an athlete and is always able to manage the person rather than the condition which means I have no reservation in recommending him to my patients, whatever their level or capability.

June 2015

Abbie Macey

British Alpine Ski Racer

During an International FIS race in America in March 2013 I fell and unfortunately received a bucket handle tear to my left lateral meniscus. The surgeon in the States wanted to carry out immediate surgery but as Peter Thompson had been my consultant for my injury to my right meniscus I only trusted him to perform the surgery. I made contact with Mr Thompson who replied immediately and within 5 days I had flown back to the UK and had undergone surgery.

Mr Thompson understands the requirements of athletes and was adamant that the meniscus should be repaired rather than a quick fix procedure. His concern was the long term preservation of my knee and it was important to him that he repaired my knee so that I could continue to race for many years rather then just short term.

I was very well looked after at the Nuffield Warwickshire by Mr Thompson and his team and the after care was excellent involving regular consultations to check up on my progress and advise me on my rehabilitation programme.

A year on I am still in contact with Mr Thompson regarding any knee issues. My knee recovered incredibly well under the watchful eye of Mr Thompson and I was able to return to racing in December 2013. He is truly a world class surgeon and a step above the rest in his field. I am so grateful to him for ensuring that I can have a long career in my sport.

April 2015

Janet Inglis

Testimonial following a total knee replacement

After the initial meeting and the way the procedure was explained I had no worries, and immediately after surgery the progress was amazing. I was walking the next morning with crutches. After the staples were removed, I was more comfortable and ice packs were very useful to eliminate the pain.

Twelve weeks later I was driving again, walking my dogs and training at the gym. When I reflect on the whole process I think how easy and straight-forward it was.

I now feel so confident in my walking, gardening and general day-to-day activities. The main thing is, though, is that I’m free of pain – I made the right decision. Thank you!

July 2014

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